Naraya Park Modern Minimalist House in Deltamas Cikarang

Naraya Park is one of the clusters in the independent city of Deltamas which was developed by PT Sinarmas Land and Sojitz. The Naraya Cluster carries housing in a modern minimalist style.

The location of this cluster is in the golden triangle of Kota Deltamas and close to three important areas, namely the GIIC industrial area, the commercial area, and the administrative center of Bekasi Regency.

Kota Deltamas provides sports facilities for residents, such as the Deltamas Sport Center, Futsal Corner, Malibu Club House and Swimming Pool. In addition, there is also a Club House facility in the Woodchester cluster which consists of an Outdoor Sport Field and Children's Playground.

Not only internal facilities, shuttle buses are also available in the city cluster area to and from Kota Deltamas - Jakarta, Bekasi, Cikarang Terminal, KRL Cikarang which operate every day and can provide comfort for residents and workers in Kota Deltamas.

For educational facilities, several international schools are present in Deltamas City, namely Cikarang Japanese School (Japanese Public School) and K-Eduplex (Korean Education Complex - Jakarta International University).

Not only that, in Deltamas City there is also a well-known university, namely ITSB (Bandung Institute of Technology and Science) which is a collaboration between Sinar Mas and ITB (Bandung Institute of Technology). Apart from that, there are also favorite schools such as Pangudi Luhur, Ananda Mitra Industri Vocational School, Nur Rahman Islamic School, SIT Fajar Hidayah and Cikarang State 2 High School.


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Agent Pemasaran Property Cikarang Deltamas (Primary and Secondary)


Kota Deltamas

  • Kota Deltamas adalah kota mandiri seluas 3200 Ha yang terintegrasi antara residensial, komersial, dan industrial estate bertaraf internasional
  • dengan akses tol langsung di Km 37 yang dahulu nya akan menjadi kawasan industri baru penyangga calon Ibukota Negara Indonesia
  • Savasa Naraya Park Woodchester El Verde Malibu Pasadena Bahama dll