Desilva coliving residences deltamas cikarang

The de Silva cluster has a modern contemporary design and has a comfortable layout and stands on an area of ​​1.2 hectares for phase 1. There are two types of houses in the cluster, namely type 41 with LT 60 m2 and LB 41 m2 and type 63 with LT 60. m2 and LB 63 m2. The de Silva cluster has two floors for type 63 which is equipped with a master bedroom, kitchen, living and dining room, carport, and sky garden.

The de Silva cluster targets not only end-users, but also investors because this property product can be used as an investment instrument that will generate passive income for the owner. This passive income can be obtained from the high demand for housing for workers in the Kota Deltamas area. The de Silva cluster in Kota Deltamas Cikarang has also been completed with facilities such as a national and international standard education center (Cikarang Japanese School, Korean Education Complex, ITSB Campus, Pangudi Luhur School, and SMK Ananda Mitra Industri), a sports arena center (Deltamas Sport Center). , Pasadena Serenade Club House, and Malibu Club House), health facilities (Mitra Keluarga Hospital), to the Bekasi Regency Government Office. The township will also feature the newest shopping and recreation center, namely AEON Mall, the largest in Indonesia. The mall is currently under construction and is planned to be operational in early 2024.

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Kota Deltamas

  • Kota Deltamas adalah kota mandiri seluas 3200 Ha yang terintegrasi antara residensial, komersial, dan industrial estate bertaraf internasional
  • dengan akses tol langsung di Km 37 yang dahulu nya akan menjadi kawasan industri baru penyangga calon Ibukota Negara Indonesia
  • Savasa Naraya Park Woodchester El Verde Malibu Pasadena Bahama dll